Website Creation, Social Media Management & Online Marketing Campaign

We will create a Website that maximizes your exposure online. At the same time showing you how to integrate your social media platforms to customize the most effective online marketing campaign for your business. 

Complete Branding/Re-Branding Including LOGO creation & Implementation

Not only will we create a professional logo for your business, we will help you implement it on all possible platforms, online and offline as well. Your logo is more than a picture, it represents your brand, and ultimately your business.

Current Marketing & Advertising Efficiency & Effectiveness Analysis

We analyze your current strategy to see what is effective efficient, and what may not be. We provide proven strategies that we can customize to your business, and then implement them with user friendly measurables to gauge success. 

Market & Demand Analysis

While small businesses (and any business for that matter) would love a large variety of customers in many different demographics, numbers and patterns do not lie. AES will analyze the target or ideal market for your product or service where there is the greatest demand. You can sell to anyone, but learn where to devote more time and energy. 

Budget & Spending Analysis

Putting together a budget requires an analysis of past financial information and can be extremely useful. That being said there are always unforseen expenses for small businesses, especially new businesses. There are also ways to control spending without the crutch of a budget, we'll show you how.

Labor Analysis

Labor is one of the top two most  expensive items on most businesses P&L (Profit and Loss Statement). Proper staffing levels, which means the accurate number of staff/employees on your payroll, can be the difference between turning a profit, or taking a loss. Adjustment of staffing levels can have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Inventory Control Analysis

If you are a business that sells a product you know that other than labor, inventory is one your biggest expenses. Not enough inventory and you run out, losing $. Too much inventory and your profit margin shrinks. And what if your inventory is perishable? Using forecasting and having an inventory control plan will ensure you maximize your profits.

Product Quality Analysis

If your business sells a product AES can analyze the quality of the product against similar products and competitors. It is important to also listen to customer feedback on this issue, however since word of mouth is the most powerful way news of a product spreads, it is important to make sure product quality is analyzed before that point.

Staff/Employee Analysis

Is quality customer service dead? Absolutely not, and small businesses that emphasize this have a much better chance of survival. A common theme of successful restaurants is "we come for the food, but stay for the service". AES can offer steps to implement that will ensure you have the correct staff, and they share your same outlook.

Semantic, Optic, Setup, Layout, & Ambiance Analysis

Unfortunately when it comes to small business there is a phrase that rings true, "perception is reality". When it comes to a dispute the truth comes down to perception. AES can help plan what you say, how you say it, how you market, and how you present your product or service to create a positive perception. 

Purveyor & Supplier Comparison Analysis

One thing to remember here is that having a friendly relationship with purveyors and suppliers is not the same thing as a good relationship with them. To make sure you are getting the best deal, AES can use contacts to compare quality and pricing from many different sources. With the right contacts and sources, you will get the best deal. 

Possible Expansion or State of Expansion Analysis

If you would like to grow your business, AES can help you put together a plan for expansion. Through efficient operations you can increase revenue to re-invest into a growth cycle. We can also analyze where you are at in the growth cycle to safely hire and expand to the levels you desire.

Service & Customer Relation Analysis

How do your current customers/guests view your business? Just as importantly, how do your former customers view your business? And most importantly, are you listening? We provide ways to gain valuable and measurable feedback that will better your customer relations.

Report of Analysis, Areas of Opportunity, ideas & Options

After a business decides what services it wants to take advantage of from AES, we will do an analysis for each. While we can give options and suggestions along the way, a final analysis report will be given to the business and we can plan out the next steps to make the business more efficient and effective.