Why Community is So Important to AES!

It is so good to be back! It has been a few months due to, well........ life happening I guess. Therefore, this will be a good opportunity to describe what I do and why I do it. Hopefully it will give my upcoming posts some credibility towards knowing a little bit about what I'm writing. For those of you that already subscribe, this will be a little refresher, and we should have more people joining our blog club very soon.

My Small Business

AES stands for Anderson Efficiency Specialist, LLC. Obviously Anderson is my last name, but what is the "Efficiency Specialist" all about? If you have ever worked in a large corporation, or even a medium size company for that matter, you know that efficiency in your business operations is one of the things your boss will harp on the most. When you are efficient (and effective) you will be rewarded, if not you will be reprimanded as it can lead to waste. This doesn't always just mean wasted product, it can be wasted anything really. However one of the biggest wasted resources a company cannot overcome is time. On the other hand if you have ever worked for a tiny "mom and pop shop" you know that while a lot of the time the owners are amazing at whatever their product or service is, they know very little about how to actually run a business. Efficiency may not be a huge priority for them, or they might not even know that it should be on their radar in the first place. This is where AES comes in. Whether you are proficient with P&L statements (profit and loss) or not, I'll just tell you that I have seen similar businesses, with almost identical top line sales, but vastly different bottom line profits or losses a ton of times. Obviously one of these small businesses is being more efficient that the other, therefore reaping the benefits.

There are many services that I provide that can directly effect the efficiency of business operations. If you look back to some previous blog posts I touch on a few of them there, and I will be writing about more of them in the future as well. I also give the people who follow me on my social media platforms the chance to chime in on what they would like my future posts to be about, so make sure you click on those at the bottom of the page and follow me. That being said, I built AES to bring these efficiency principles to the small businesses that make up the backbone of their communities. While I prefer working in a small business setting, I am grateful for my time working for larger businesses and corporations because that is where I was able to learn most of these efficiency principles. Say what you want about the corporate world (I know I do), but you don't build huge companies without doing some things right. I like to bring this knowledge to businesses on a smaller scale without them having to what I call "corporate uptight".

What is Important to My Small Business

As you will see on my website (go ahead and click the word website) and many social media platforms, AES believes that small businesses are the back bone of communities. When small business thrives, communities thrive. There are an abundance of reasons for this, but here are a few that stand out:

  1. Small businesses employ an increasingly large portion of the workforce. In a community where they are successful, even thriving, the unemployment rate will be much lower. A community with low unemployment rate will naturally be a more proud place to be. It's like a snowball effect at this point. A more proud community has less crime, people look out for each other, and ultimately is a safer place to live.

  2. We all hear about the United States economy all the time. It's very important, and everyone should be happy about it when it is good, but can feel the effects when it is bad. Well communities have economies of their own, just on a smaller scale. Thriving communities with lower unemployment creates more disposable income. This post is not going to turn into an econ 101 lesson, but it doesn't take a degree in economics to realize that higher disposable incomes naturally means more money put back into the communities economy. It is a cycle of prosperity.

  3. I add this third reason as more of a personal point. I grew up in a community with strong, successful small businesses. It wan't an overly rich community, but it was safe, had nice parks, and the people were friendly and looked out for each other. I naturally moved away to other places for various reasons, but over time the community I am from began to go downhill. Businesses closing, store fronts empty, and a rise in unemployment were the new norm. I am glad to say that over the past few years things have begun to turn around for that community, and are headed in the right direction. However this is the main reason why AES focuses almost exclusively on the betterment of small businesses.

As I mentioned above, there are many more reasons for this, but these are the three that mean the most to me. There are an infinite number of things that can be used by people as motivation, but I find when there is something personal backing my motivation it carries a lot more meaning. When you have skin in the game the stakes are always higher.

The Future

For those of you that have read my blogs before you know that they are generally a bit longer. They also contain research and real examples of whatever topics I am discussing. Again, this was more of a reintroduction as I'm back on the business blog scene. And an introduction to those new members to come. In the coming posts we'll discuss more about what small businesses can do for their communities, along with the business principles I referenced earlier in this piece. As always, thank you so much for your time. It is extremely humbling when someone sits down and can take something from what you have written. Now sign up for the blog club and go to the bottom of this page to share this with others.

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